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Most Information Technology (IT) companies understand the necessity for a company blog but struggle with curating topics that are both valuable and engaging for their audience. to assist spark inspiration, our IT marketing firm shares 13 blog post ideas below.

  1. How-to Post
    Let’s start the list by discussing the foremost common type of blog post – a “how to.”

Write a series of blog posts outlining a step-by-step process for a way to solve common challenges you see customers facing each day. there’s likely a whole new audience of people who have similar questions but are turning to Google for their answer.

By finding your blog post through their search queries your IT company grows brand awareness and thought leadership.

  1. Case Studies
    Case studies are an excellent way to showcase how your brand, products, or services solved a customer’s challenge. It is a real-world example of how organizations can serve to benefit from working with your IT company by walking through your process from start to finish.
  2. Product + Service Updates
    A large part of having an IT company blog is to educate customers on new services, solutions, and ways to use technology (IE: product updates or features). The article can simply summarize:

The name of the merchandise update.
What problems the update will solve.
The advantage of the update for the end-user.
Any necessary steps the end-user must take.

  1. Product Reviews
    A great way for IT organizations to build their company blog page is by reviewing products – whether it be their own or others in the industry. By sharing different opinions, brands can build credibility and help readers choose the proper product based on expert recommendations.
  2. Content Survey
    Hand with marker writing the word you’ve got a Voice
    What questions would you ask your customers or industry peers if you had the chance? The answers would likely bring a compelling blog post or even a series of posts. deem example this content survey created by CXtec.

This organization polled members of the IT community to work out how their organizations handle areas such as data security and hybrid support. The life cycle management company repurposed the survey results to make blog posts, infographics, and videos.

  1. Current Trends
    The IT industry is continuously evolving. As you stay awake to date on current trends, use a corporation blog to share this information with readers. this will serve as an opinion piece on the progressions made or simply explain how these trends will impact the future of the industry.
  2. Video Tutorials
    If writing long-form content isn’t your cup of tea, consider adding video blog posts to your thought-leadership page. In fact, 72% of consumers actually prefer to learn about products or services by watching a video than reading text-based content.

You are likely to have conversations with your customers every day that can easily be translated into video. Heck, any of the blog post ideas our IT marketing company mention during this post can be repurposed as video content.

  1. Event or fair Recap
    If team members from your IT firm attend a tech conference, fair , or webinar, your company blog may be a great place to recap insights learned from these events. Not only can this be an excellent resource for others in the industry, but the blog recap are often helpful for co-workers who were unable to attend.
  2. Pro and Con Lists
    13 blog post ideas for tech companies
    It are often helpful to weigh the pros and cons of why customers should consider certain products or services. Helpful pro and con list blog post topics for the IT community include:

The Pros and Cons of Building a Software as Service (SaaS) Offering
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Machine Learning
Cybersecurity: Explaining the Pros and Cons of hiring a CISO

  1. Myths within the IT Industry
    Every industry has common “myths” that has got to be debunked. the knowledge technology sector is no exception.

Take a second to give some thought to what misconceptions people have that are stopping them from using your type of products or services. Then, write a blog post making a robust case of why they were either misinformed or should reconsider.

  1. Customer Testimonials
    Your IT company likely features a slew of customer testimonials featured on your website. Why not repurpose this featured content into a blog post? Not only does it help highlight a hit story, but customer testimonials are written by an unbiased third party that readers can trust.
  2. Common Mistakes
    Did you recognize , blog post titles with negative keywords have a 63% higher click-through rate than those with positive keywords?

Use this to your advantage by commenting on common mistakes made by the IT community and the way to fix them.

Here are some example blog post titles with negative keywords:

5 Common Problems with the Implementation of SaaS and the way to Fix It
5 Biggest Cybersecurity Mistakes and the way to Avoid Them
Most Common Data Backup Mistakes in 2020

  1. Blog Round-Up
    What are a number of your favorite resources when expanding your knowledge of the IT space? Do you turn to books, white papers, social media groups, and YouTube videos? regardless of what it is, your readers will appreciate a blog recommending other outlets they will rely on to learn more. give some thought to a set of blogs you’ve already written on similar topics, these also make an excellent CTA resource for lead gen purposes. Just package them together, create a table of contents, and add an intro to debate your topics. Bam, done.
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